About Betsie River Canoes and Campground

Betsie River Canoes and Campground is your gateway to an unforgettable Northern Michigan adventure. Here, we blend the serene beauty of the Betsie River with the thrill of outdoor activities. Our family-friendly campground spans 43 acres, offering a diverse range of experiences from kayaking to fishing, and biking to disc golfing. Nestled in a scenic wildlife area, we provide the perfect backdrop for encountering nature's wonders, including deer, bald eagles, and more, while ensuring your stay is comfortable with a variety of camping options. Our commitment to creating a memorable experience is evident in every aspect of our campground, from the meticulously maintained grounds to the warm, welcoming atmosphere fostered by our team.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a pristine outdoor experience that showcases the best of Northern Michigan. Nestled in the heart of a region celebrated for its natural beauty, we are committed to maintaining exquisitely clean campsites that serve as the perfect base for exploring the surrounding wilderness. With direct access to walking trails that meander through lush forests, alongside the gentle flow of the Betsie River, and past our engaging disc golf course, we provide a gateway to the serene and the scenic.

Our facilities are designed to immerse you in the tranquil beauty of the area while ensuring comfort and convenience. We pride ourselves on offering access to pristine outdoor amenities that allow our guests to connect with nature in an intimate and meaningful way. Whether you're navigating the twists and turns of the Betsie River, renowned for its salmon and steelhead fishing, or exploring the Betsie Valley Trail, a scenic route that offers breathtaking views of Crystal Lake and its surroundings, our campground is your starting point for adventure.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing a place to stay. We are stewards of the environment, dedicated to preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us, ensuring that it can be enjoyed by future generations. It's not just about the amenities we offer; it's about creating a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share a passion for adventure, a respect for nature, and a love for the pristine landscapes of Northern Michigan. Join us at Betsie River Canoes and Campground, where your next outdoor adventure begins.

What our clients say

“Very nice campground. We stayed on group site and love the room and have already planned a trip for next yr. Nice people that run it very helpful and great people to work with!”

Chad Mcbeath

“Great location! Very quiet on the weekends. Clean bathrooms. Ryan & Amy are very attentive. Awesome kayaking on the Betsie River, we enjoyed the 2 hour float!”

Darrell VanDam

“Beautiful campsites, pretty river and great owners.”

Katie Kennedy Hollis

Customers in U.S.A

“The owners were fabulous. We did the 2 hour trip down the Betsie River. The next time we are going to do the 4 hour kayak trip down the Betsie.”

Stephenie Rahn

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Amy Trudell


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Ryan Trudell


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